Michigan Expected To Pay $600 Million To Victims Of The Flint Water Crisis

Michigan Expected To Pay $600 Million To Victims Of The Flint Water Crisis

For the past few years, the water in Flint, Michigan has been a serious concern after it was revealed that the water was contaminated and caused residents to have troubling side effects, such as sickness, skin rashes, hair loss, among many other symptoms. However, it looks like the state of Michigan has reached an agreement that will allow victims to receive money in response.

According to the New York Times, the state of Michigan is expected to pay about $600 million to victims. Two people with knowledge of the settlement confirmed the news, however, not many details were immediately revealed. Nonetheless, the money would mainly be designated for children in Flint who were poisoned by lead-tainted tap water.

The water contamination started after officials changed the city’s water supply six years ago, jumpstarting the crisis. The incident caused national news, and many people from around the world lent a helping hand as they worked to help the city regain clean water.

Nonetheless, thousands of residents are expected to be eligible to receive money under the settlement, which is likely to get approval by a federal judge in Michigan.  In the past, many residents have shown that their water would appear brown or green and tasted metallic. Even with the issue being brought to officials’ attention, there were little to no changes made.

As we previously reported, earlier this year, the Supreme Court ruled that residents were able to sue over the water contamination.

As of recent, the effort to help the city recover has been made. The water source was switched back to Lake Huron water, which is treated in Detroit. The work to repair the pipes is still underway. There was a delay in its completion, which prevented it from reaching its January 2020 deadline, and the recent pandemic prolonged the project’s completion.

Anyone that has lived in Flint between 2014 and 2016 could be eligible for a claim from the settlement, which is expected to be distributed beginning in spring 2021.



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