Mike Tyson Accused Of 1990s Rape In $5M Lawsuit

Mike Tyson Accused Of Raping Woman During Early 1990s In $5M Lawsuit

Mike Tyson has been hit with a $5M lawsuit, which accuses him of raping a woman sometime during the early 1990s.

The Woman Says The Rape Occurred In Mike’s Limo

According to the lawsuit, which was reported on by the Times Union, the incident went down in Albany, New York. While the timeframe was narrowed down to the early ’90s, a specific date wasn’t provided.

The woman says that she and Mike came into contact outside a now-closed nightclub, and he allegedly invited her and a friend to an afterparty. However, the accuser says she and her friend became separated, leaving her alone with Mike.

There, Mike is accused of assaulting the woman in spite of her saying “no,” and he allegedly proceeded to rape her.

No further details, including whether the limo driver was in the vehicle at the time, were outlined in the lawsuit.

However, the woman does say that she’s grappled with “everlasting damage” in various areas of her life as a result of the incident.

“This traumatic experience has caused me everlasting damage and I would like to preserve my privacy in this matter of a sensitive and highly personal nature. Tyson is a famous celebrity and I know I would be attacked by the media and all of his fans.”

Timeline Coincides With Mike Tyson Allegedly Raping Desiree Washington

We should add that the alleged incident is noted as occurring around the same time that Mike raped Desiree Washington.

In July 1991, Desiree—an 18-year-old rehearsing for the Miss Black America pageant—accompanied the boxer to his Indianapolis hotel room, according to History. Shortly thereafter, Mike was accused of raping Desiree, though he insisted it was consensual.

On Feb. 10, 1992, Mike Tyson was convicted of raping Desiree Washington. He ultimately served three years behind bars, as he was released in February 1995.

The Lawsuit Was Filed Under New York’s Adult Survivors Act

As for the new lawsuit, it was filed under the Adult Survivors Act—which allows people in New York who were sexually assaulted as adults to file claims against their abusers, even if the incident occurred decades ago.

The Adult Survivors Act specifically allows for the claims to be filed within a one-year window, which opened about two months ago, according to AP News.

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