If you haven’t heard already, Milan Christopher of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood recently had his ex-boo Miles arrested for domestic violence. This was a situation that allegedly took place at a private night club in New York. Milan finally breaks his silence on the situation that occurred and offers up receipts (police records). In the interview he talks about also having to get a restraining order against Miles and being shocked that Miles would attack him with a group of friends.

Milan accuses Miles of cheating on him with four different men and he has the voicemails to back it up! Milan also claims that Miles’ story line is completely fabricated because he’s been openly homosexual (he insists that Miles is not bisexual) and that Amber Laura was never more than a friend to Miles.

The conversation takes a turn when Debra Oh asks Milan what he used to do to get money before he appeared on Love & Hip Hop. Milan confirms that he was an Entrepreneur but also admits to being an escort for celebrity men in Hollywood! When asked if he was currently single, he claims that he is currently dating someone that we know…. (Jussie Smollet) but refuses to say a name!

Watch  the interview here: