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Mimi Faust Reminisces About The Time She Let Joseline Get Up Close And Personal With Her Kitty Cat!!

We don’t know if it’s this summer heat that has people confessing some crazy stuff lately, but Mimi Faust seems like she definitely lives a wild life!

As if she hasn’t shocked the world enough when her private movie dropped, Mimi drops another sex bomb… she let Joseline lick the kitty before! Mimi sat with Bossip and spilt tea that her and Joseline had messed around in the past– and Stevie was there! It all started at the beginning of Season One when Mimi learned that the Puerto Rican Princess was going to be a new cast member on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, so Stevie suggested that the threesome sit down and discuss any challenges that they might have along the way. 

Here’s her story:

“[Stevie] set up a meeting, so I go to her place. It was just her and I at the time and we talked, talked, talked! Stevie was not there. [He] stumbles in hours later pissy drunk, like, stumbles up the stairs and passed out, like, snoring like a bear. 

Her and I are still talking, you know, trying to figure it out. I don’t know this woman, blah, blah, blah. It’s late as f*ck, I’m tired, I been drinking red wine– I’m tired! So she was like, ‘You can just go with Stevie. Just lay down next to Stevie. Go ahead and lay down’.” 

(She imitated that in her best Joseline accent, I swear!)

“So I was like ok, because I wasn’t about to be driving. I went upstairs I laid down and he’s still asleep. I’m thinking she was gonna go…lay down somewhere else! 

“Next thing I know, she goes in the bathroom, she comes out, she sits on the edge of the bed. She starts rubbing on my legs or whatever and I’m like, “WHOA!”  Then she proceeds to eat my vagina! You wanna go and eat it, eat it girl! I had to really wrap my mind around it because it was so awkward…but that’s what happened!” 

She said that Joseline went down on her for 30 minutes, but Ariane was at the interview and claims that Mimi would never be able to last that long with her. Is there a budding romance between the two beauties? I guess we’ll find out sooner than later. You can catch her full interview with Bossip below. 


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