North Carolina Woman Charged For False Report

‘Missing’ North Carolina Woman Arrested & Charged After Police Say She Falsely Reported Her Own Murder

A North Carolina woman is facing multiple misdemeanor charges in relation to filing a false report with authorities. According to CNN, the woman led a friend and officials to believe she was “assaulted or deceased.”

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More Information Regarding The Charges Against The North Carolina Woman

According to a statement issued by the Franklin Police Department via Facebook on Monday, 37-year-old Margaret Frances “Maggie” Elizabeth Sweeney had been arrested by the department. The statement added that Sweeney has since been charged with multiple misdemeanors.

The charges include “making a false report to a police station, a false report of serious injury or death through telephone, and resisting a public officer.”

More Details Regarding The Woman’s Alleged Disappearance & Subsequent Investigation By Police

According to PEOPLE,  the Franklin Police Department began their search for Sweeney on Friday, August 18. In a later statement, the department explained that an “immediate investigation” was conducted to find the woman.

Additionally, the department divulged that the information received by authorities “alluded that Sweeney was endangered or deceased.”

On Saturday, April 19, the Franklin Police Department revealed that Sweeney had “been located in a neighboring town and is safe.”

On Monday, the department revealed that Sweeney allegedly made “anonymous third-party false reports” to a friend that she had been murdered. Furthermore, authorities also shared that Sweeney allegedly made these same false reports to the Department of Social Services.

“Sweeney was reported missing on Friday August 18, 2023, at which time FPD Officers began an immediate investigation due to the information provided which alluded that Sweeney was endangered or deceased. Sweeney was located safe the next day on Saturday August 19, 2023. 1SGT Randy Dula, continued the investigation, and was able to determine that Sweeney allegedly made anonymous third-party false reports to a friend, and the Department of Social Services that she had been murdered.”

Franklin Police Chief Devin Holland further detailed Sweeney’s alleged actions in an email to CNN.

“Later that same day he developed information that Sweeney had used a third-party text app to send the fraudulent texts to her friend and the Department of Social Services that she had been assaulted and was deceased,” Police Chief Devin Holland explained, presumably referring to the actions of First Sergeant Randy Dula.

According to WLOS, Police Chief Holland has also explained that Sweeney’s disappearance may have been prompted by “some domestic issues with the boyfriend.”

Nonetheless, Monday’s statement from the Franklin Police Department explains that Sweeney’s actions caused authorities “many hours of work.” The statement adds that those “hours of work… could have been spent on other matters.”

“Sweeney’s actions caused our department, as well as other departments, many hours of work which could have been spent on other matters. Family, friends, and the community as a whole were also very concerned and worried about Sweeney’s welfare.”

According to CNN, Sweeney has since been released from custody “on a written promise to appear in court.” Additionally, the outlet reports that her “first district court appearance” will be held on September 7.


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