Missouri Pastor Says He Thwarted Robbery With Prayer

Missouri Pastor Says He Thwarted Robbery With Prayer: ‘They Felt The Power Of God’

A pastor in Ferguson, Missouri, is making headlines over his account of how he and his congregants allegedly stopped a robbery through the power of prayer!

The Pastor Was Livestreaming A Service During The Ordeal

According to KSDK, Pastor Marquaello Futrell notes that—back on February 12—four masked men interrupted his morning service at All Creation Family Church, which was being livestreamed.

Futrell says the first sign that something was off was when, shortly ahead of the masked intruders, a man entered the church and began questioning its Children Services Director.

“I immediately just had the hairs on the back of my neck. I’m like, ‘OK, something’s about to happen.'”

Once the masked men entered the building, the pastor—who is a former police officer—noted that they were armed.

“Me being a former police officer, I immediately noticed their waistbands, I’m like, ‘There’s something there.'”

In turn, Futrell said he “asked the director to lock the doors and keep the children safe.”

The Congregation Reportedly Showered The Men In Prayer: ‘God’s About To Change The Enemy’

Additionally, rather than freaking out, he “directed his media team to zoom in on them” and proceeded with the service as usual.

While addressing the men, Futrell said, “Saw the church and decided to come? Talk to me.” He then declared that “God’s about to change the enemy” before calling on the congregation to “shout unto God.”

“I’ve still got a cop anointing and I still know what’s going on and what’s about to happen. God’s about to change the enemy. Lift your voice and shout unto God!”

The churchgoers then reportedly lifted their hands and surrounded the men in prayer, and the intruders ultimately decided to leave the building.

“I believe they felt the power of God lifted in their hands, then they left.”

The pastor also added, “The Bible speaks of watch and pray, so while we’re being spiritual, I’m also watching around, trying to protect the congregants.”

KDSK reports that the Ferguson Police Department is still on the lookout for the suspects, who they confirmed left in a black Mustang.

It’s also noted that the congregation has begun implementing active shooter drills in the wake of the incident.

What do you think about the pastor’s account of the situation at his church?


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