Woman Says SKIMS Bodysuit Saved Her Life After Being Shot

Missouri Woman Says Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Bodysuit Saved Her From Bleeding Out After Being Shot Four Times

A Missouri woman has gone viral after crediting Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS bodysuit with saving her life by stopping her from bleeding out after she was shot four times.

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Missouri Woman Goes Viral After Crediting SKIMS Bodysuit With Saving Her Life

Angelina Wiley revealed she was shot four times while waiting for a Lyft in Kansas City this past New Year’s Eve.

She reportedly suffered a ruptured bladder repaired in surgery and a cracked pelvis (meaning she needs to learn to walk with a walker for some time.

A bullet remains lodged in her abdomen, according to a GoFundMe created for Wiley.

However, she claims her injuries would have been far worse had she not worn Kardashian’s skin-tight shapewear product.

Wiley shared the harrowing tale with her nearly 15,000 TikTok followers in May. Today, her TikTok video recounting the event has over 1.5 million views as of this article’s publication.

“Kim Kardashian saved my life. (The body suit) was so tight on me that it literally kept me from bleeding out,” she said in one of several TikTok videos. “I should recommend it. I feel bad saying it because it sounds obnoxious, but without (the SKIMS suit), (the bullet) would have hit different…

“Call it fate or Jesus, but Imma call it Kim,” Wiley said. “No, but fr (for real), thanks, Kim.”

Kim Reposts Viral Video Claiming Her SKIMS Product Stopped A Shooting Victim From Death

Meanwhile, Kim herself eventually happened to notice the 22-year-old’s viral posts.

The ‘Kardashians’ star reposted Wiley’s video on her Instagram Story this past weekend, adding “wowww” alongside a prayer hand emoji.

Several of Wiley’s followers have advocated for Kardashian to make her a model for the SKIMS brand or at least to send her new products.

“Okay but you should instantly be a skims sponsor @SKIMS,” one commenter opined under one of Wiley’s TikTok videos. “Send her a new one for free pls, this girl can’t be walking around w a bullet hole in her skims,” another wrote.

However, Wiley says she has no SKIM products after investigators confiscated them due to an ongoing criminal investigation.

“The detectives have my skims bc it’s a part of the investigation, so I have 0 skims now 😭😭😭,” Wiley noted.

Despite this, Wiley maintains that she is “definitely gonna buy some more” SKIMS bodysuits. She even added that she “should wear it every day.”

Friends Create GoFundMe For Wiley Following Shooting Earlier This Year

Meanwhile, friends are currently attempting to raise money for her through GoFundMe. The funds will help cover medical expenses, the fundraiser says.

The GoFundMe has raised $4,088 out of a $6,500 goal as of Tuesday (Jul. 18).

Additionally, Wiley has since taken to the platform to update supporters on her recovery.

“Im continuing physical therapy and working on my mental health with doctors. I’ve gone through ups and downs as I hopped, scooted, and rolled around everywhere when I couldn’t walk. I continue to have a lot of struggles with my hip ever since the fracture as well as many other pains. The bullet still in me causes random pains, and honestly I struggle with severe PTSD ever since the shooting…”

Furthermore, Wiley even took the time to thank those who’ve donated to the campaign, as injuries from the New Year’s shooting have kept her out of work since then.

“It has made returning to work full-time difficult. This past year has been so hard for me and has definitely put me in a rough spot financially… Thank you for everyone who’s been there for me during this tragedy in my life.”

Full-body SKIMS shapewear starts at about $58 and ranges in price to about $68 USD, according to Lyst.


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