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Mom Discovers Bag Of Heroin In Her Son’s Halloween Candy—Urges Other Parents To Beware

#Roommates, in less than 24 hours it will officially be Halloween and that means that those of you with children are likely preparing for trick-or-treating—but one local New Jersey mom wants you to be careful after she discovered heroin in her son’s goodie bag.

Many parents thoroughly inspect their children’s candy after they indulge in all the fun of trick-or-treating on Halloween, but most parents would probably never expect to find drugs during their inspection. According to @TooFabNews, a New Jersey mother was shocked to see a small bag of white powder in her son’s treat bag, which turned out to heroin.

The woman promptly called police after she discovered the drugs in his bag following a Halloween event they attended in Rio Grande. After being tested in a lab, officials confirmed it was indeed heroin. Police are currently investigating how the drugs got into the child’s possession, while the Shore Family Success Center, which hosted the event, is said to be fully cooperating with authorities.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, explained how horrified she was upon making the discovery of the drugs:

“I looked at it twice and I said this is not candy. I showed it to my sister and we realized that it was not candy and then we called the police. I’m so thankful no one got to it. We have an infant here, a five and seven-year-old. Anyone of them could’ve grabbed it.”

Local police have warned residents to be particularly careful of any candy that is not in a sealed manufacturers wrapper, including anything contained in plastic bags or cling wrap. They are also stressing to parents to be aware of marijuana products such as gummies and chocolates, that often come in colorful packaging attractive to children and look, smell and even taste like regular treats.

Halloween should be a fun time for everyone, but please remember to be safe ya’ll.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?


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