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Momma Dee Says Her Friends Set Her Up In “Dine And Ditch” Arrest!!

Looks like Love and Hip Hop’s Momma Dee deserves new friends because she’s blaming them for the misunderstanding that got her azz locked up! 

We reported yesterday that Momma Dee was arrested on $250 bail when restaurant management thought she was trying to pull a classic ‘dine and ditch’ for skipping out on a $500 dinner bill. 

Well according to TMZ, Lil Scrappy’s mom has spoken out saying that the restaurant got it all wrong!

She said that her checks are still coming through and had the intention of paying her bill but when she went to the bathroom and came out, all her peeps were gone.

She says that’s when management tried to accuse her of trying to bail out of the check. Her thing was yeah she would pay for her portion, but that’s it… Only her portion! So she ended up getting punished for her friends!

Chile, her friends tried it! Let’s chat below !


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Sources Sited: TMZ


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