Mo’Nique is asking for folks to forgive Roseanne Barr for her racist tweet about former White House advisor Valerie Jarrett. Y’all may remember back in May, Roseanne said Jarrett looked like the “Muslim Brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby” in a now-deleted tweet.

In an interview with KTLA, Mo’Nique said her “sister in comedy” is not a racist and just made a mistake.

“We’ve all said and done things baby that we wish we could take back and swallow and say, ‘Oh.’ But when you’re in the public eye, you can’t and it’s out there,” Mo’Nique said. “But to put the title of ‘racist’ on her… My sister made a mistake and she said something I know she wishes she could take back. But what I would ask is we don’t throw her away.”

Roseanne has since apologized and said she “thought the b***h was White!” Also in an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, she said, “I’m so sorry that you thought I was racist and that you thought my tweet was racist, because it wasn’t. It was political.”

She went on to say, “Plus I’d tell her she’s gotta get a new haircut, I mean seriously, she needs a new haircut.”

Thoughts, Roommates?