Now y’all, I know all, if not most of us, have snuck a lil sumn’ sumn’ into the movie theater. Whether it was snacks, a whole meal, or some drank like sis right here!

Kristina Gibson reportedly went to the movies with her son on a Friday afternoon, and snuck in some alcohol using his sippy cup. Sis could’ve probably gotten away with it if she didn’t do too much and get drunk DRUNK.

She allegedly also took a nervous system depressant and got so drunk that she was “unable to walk, talk or care” for him. That’s how she got caught up because that’s when her son started crying which prompted the moviegoers to complain to an employee, according to The Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

The police told AJC that the movie theater staff reportedly tried to stop Kristina from getting in her car with her son, and then proceeded to call them. 

She apparently even said “I will f***ing kill you” to a cop when he tried to zip her purse. One of her friends had to pick up her son while she was taken to the hospital, where she was then arrested because “she wasn’t a threat at that point any longer”.

Kristina reportedly faced misdemeanor reckless conduct and public intoxication charges. She was released from the Cobb County jail where she was bailed out for $1,000.

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