Apparently committing a crime and admitting to doing so on social media is a new trend for people who are on the wrong side of the law. Is it because of a guilty conscious, is it for attention, or is it plain stupidity?

32 year old Anthony Curtis Macneill is on the run after he allegedly shot and killed his son’s grandfather,Eugene Racine, and admitted to doing so on Facebook.

“Just Killed someone.. Leaving NC goodbye everyone.” The suspect said in a Facebook status.



Macneill didn’t stop there though, he continued updating his followers on his plans to run, and possibly shoot himself if he doesn’t make it out of North Carolina.

He said, “I’m not turning myself in if I can’t make it out of NC I’m going to shoot myself.”


He then added, “Goodbye to my friends and people who gave a damn.. Cindy Racine you might not believe in God but I think whoever is in charge spared your life today..”

Yikes! According to ABC11, the police are actively searching for Macneill, and he is considered to be armed and dangerous.

They are also urging anyone with information about the suspects whereabouts to contact their Sheriff’s Office with a number provided here.


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