Fan Reportedly Suffers Brain Bleed After Beating By Nardo Wick’s Entourage, Rapper Responds (VIDEO)

Nardo Wick has responded after footage of members of his entourage beating a fan went viral on Tuesday (Nov. 28). The rapper shared his statement on his Instagram feed. Wick revealed his feelings about his team’s actions and his contact with the fan, George Obregon Jr., and his family.

“I don’t condone what happened to my fan George after my show in any type of way, I expressed to him and his mama how sorry and concerned I was that it happened to him, multiple times before anything was even posted or on the internet,” Nardo Wick wrote. “I sent his mama my number instantly the night it happened. I was even gone make a post to try to find out who he was before his mama text me.”

Fan’s Mother Shares Video Of Nardo Wick’s Entourage Beating Her Son

Nardo’s reference to the fan’s mother, Michelle Obregon, comes after she allegedly shared Facebook and Instagram posts about the incident.

On Instagram, Michelle alleged her son was not “aggressive at no f**kin point” and did not “show any sign of harm.” The fan allegedly approached Nardo Wick and his entourage near a vehicle to request a picture with “his favorite artist.”

Obregon reportedly posted the same copy from her Instagram post on Facebook.

“Anyone who knows my son knows he is the sweetest and gentlest kid ever. No drugs, alcohol, gang, nothing! I am dying here, and my fuckin heart is hurting so bad I am sick to my stomach. I can’t stay quiet,” Michelle wrote.

In the viral video, George — wearing a black, printed t-shirt and black pants — approached Nardo as the artist walked toward a running car. The rapper was surrounded by what appeared to be bodyguards.

Halfway through the nine-second clip, one of the alleged guards punched George on the cheek from behind, slamming his head into a nearby wall.

While George is leaning against the wall, another unidentified man standing with the entourage throws some extra punches at George. The impact seemingly made George lose consciousness.

In the end, Nardo Wick is seen pushing the second attacker away from George as he lies on the ground.

“I can’t control another grown man actions, I ain’t know that was gone happen, and I was mad when it happened. I tried to stop it, as u can see in the video, and if somebody got the longer video, you can see how mad I was, I love and appreciate all my fans and don’t condone what happened at all dat sh*t ain’t gangsta or cool in no type of way,” Nardo Wick said in his statement.

TRIGGER WARNING: The following video contains violent and graphic material. The Shade Room, LLC. does not support or condone bullying and/or violence in any form.

Fan Suffered Brain Bleed After Beating From Nardo’s Team, Rapper Reacts Again

According to TMZ, George suffered a severe concussion and brain bleed following the incident with Nardo Wick’s team.

A screenshot obtained by the outlet shows Nardo Wick reached out to George at 1:10 a.m. on the night of the incident. He sent an Instagram DM worded similar to his statement about the attack.

Another screenshot shows Michelle reached out to Nardo Wick via Instagram at 2:16 a.m. with a heated message. She revealed her son was sent “to the hospital” and then accused the rapper of violent appreciation for fans.

At 2:27 a.m., the rapper attempted to return her call twice before responding. He followed up with a text saying he was about to post about the attack, then requested the mother’s number.

A third screenshot allegedly shows a text conversation between Nardo’s mom and Michelle. In it, Michelle revealed George was feeling pain in his neck and head, underwent CT scans, and was transferred to critical care.

Following his statement, Nardo Wick also shared a video disavowing what happened to George. He said he doesn’t care about people saying the family will sue him. His only concern is George’s health, and he added that the family will “do what they gon do.”

See the post below.

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