Nashville Walgreens Worker Shoots Pregnant 'Shoplifter' 8 Times

Nashville Walgreens Worker Shoots Pregnant Woman 8 Times After Accusing Her Of Shoplifting

Police say, Mitarius Boyd, 21, shot a pregnant woman at a Nashville Walgreens amid shoplifting claims. The shooting led to a premature delivery, and police have made no arrests as of Monday, according to local reports.

Boyd reportedly worked as the team lead on April 12 when the horrific incident unfolded. He shot Travonsha Ferguson, 34, while attempting to stop her from what he says was a theft in progress.

Worker Justified Shooting Claiming Victim Had Shoplifted With Friend And “Maced” Him Before Shooting

Pregnant Victim Underwent Three Surgeries, Including Emergency C-Section

At the hospital, doctors tended to her right away. She underwent three surgeries, where she had an emergency C-section to deliver the baby, who was not struck by any bullets.

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The case is still under investigation, with the District Attorney currently reviewing the Walgreens employee’s claim that he had to shoot her to protect himself from imminent danger.

Case Causes Widespread Anger On Social Media, With Many Pointing To Walgreen’s “No Chase” Policy

One Twitter account tweeted, “Why is an employee making $10/hr following a pregnant woman to her car for stealing from WALGREENS. Just let her go it’s not your store, it’s a multi-billion dollar corporation.”
Others questioned how Boyd could even aim and shoot Ferguson and her friend if he indeed had been maced.

“Mace incapacitates in ALL cases (it doesn’t)? How did he pull the gun. You don’t need to be close enough to get maced to take video. He was and could see she was pregnant and unarmed. He wasn’t “in fear” he was doing more than taking video.”

Some were less shocked at the news and defended Boyd’s self-defense claim, with one person tweeting, “East Nashville people don’t play.”
“East Nashville people don’t play. Did you read the full article though? The gunfire was self defense after the shoplifter maced the walgreens guy. Multiple shots at a pregnant woman is a tough look though.”
Walgreens doesn’t appear to have commented on the situation as of Monday.


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