Nature Boy: Atlanta Cult Leader Is EXPOSED & Sentenced (Video)

Nature Boy: Alleged Atlanta Cult Leader Is EXPOSED & Sentenced To Life In Prison | TSR Investigates

Eligio Bishop, also known as “Nature Boy,” has been accused of leading an Atlanta-based cult called Carbon Nation. Former “followers” of the group have alleged Bishop committed acts of rape, false imprisonment, and other lewd acts against women.

Their accounts of events have ultimately aided in Bishop being arrested and charged.

However, the man’s wives allege the accounts are “all a lie.”

Now, The Shade Room’s Justin Carter is investigating what really happened in Carbon Nation on ‘TSR Investigates.’

Here’s What Allegedly Occurred In Carbon Nation

According to Carter, nature, nudity, and kindness are just some of the “key beliefs” of Carbon Nation. The group’s members reportedly amassed popularity on YouTube by showing glimpses of their approach to “holistic healing.”

Additionally, members have alleged that Nature Boy spearheads the group and participates in polygamy while recruiting members from all over the world.

However, things came to a head for Carbon Nation in April 2022 when a home in Decatur, Georgia, was raided by police. A three-week investigation and additional affidavits revealed that the house was a hub for abusive acts. Women were allegedly being held against their will, forced into nonconsensual sexual acts, and subject to acts of revenge porn.

Eligio Bishop, a.k.a Nature Boy, Faces Trial As More Shocking Allegations Emerge

According to WSB-TV, Bishop was arrested and charged in 2022. Carter reports that his charges include rape and false imprisonment. Additionally, Bishop was also charged with three counts of prohibition on nude or sexually explicit electronic transmissions.

Carter adds that the alleged cult leader’s trial kicked off in February 2024. During the proceedings, more shocking allegations surfaced.

“Women couldn’t wear shirts at one point in time, so we started putting leaves on our nipples,” a witness told the court during one proceeding. “Every woman had to have sex with Nature Boy or some type of sexual fantasy with him, and a lot of times when that would happen, it would be forced.”

Carter was also told that those who joined the group had to get rid of all their belongings, change their name, and put all their money toward the group “so everyone could feed themselves and travel.”

Scroll above to watch Carter share what allegedly occurred during these trips. Additionally, Carter shares an exclusive statement from Nature Boy’s wives, who continue to speak out after he was sentenced to life in prison.

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