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NBA Youngboy Posts $500k Bond, Headed To Utah To Begin 24-Hour House Arrest

Update- Roomies, after being in jail since March for weapon charges in Baton Rouge, LA and a recent charge for being a felon in possession of a firearm in CA, NBA Youngboy has bonded out the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office after paying $500k in cash.

According to The Advocate, Assistant U.S. Attorney Will Morris advised the U.S. Magistrate Judge Richard Bourgeois Jr. the government would not seek to detain the rapper. His attorneys, James Manasseh and Andre Belanger stated that the rapper should be released outside the courthouse within the next 24 hours.

Although Youngboy will no longer be behind bars, he isn’t a free man just yet. He is headed to his Utah home to begin his 24-house arrest, where he will have a set of conditions to follow for his release. His lawyers shared an elaborate plan which includes building a recording studio at the 22-year-old’s home. As well as hiring a security firm staffed by former soldiers to patrol the property.

However, this isn’t a requirement by Chief U.S. District Judge Shelly Dick of Baton Rouge, who initially didn’t want to release Youngboy on bond. She did impose a curfew on visitors to his Utah home, though. She made it clear that no more than three visitors can be at the residence at a time. In addition, any visitors must be pre-approved by Judge Dick, and they will only be allowed at the property between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Judge Dick also imposed that Youngboyt must post a $1.5 million property bond or put $500,000 cash into a trust account of his attorneys before he can be released to home confinement. So far, he has already completed the task by paying the cash bond. Once he pays the $1.5 million property bond, his lawyers confirmed that the $500k would be refunded.

Lastly, Judge Bourgeois shared that the rapper will be subject to electronic location monitoring and must restrict his travel to Baton Rouge and select areas of Utah and California. He must not break any laws, possess a firearm, or use narcotics unless prescribed by a doctor. The judge stated if he violates anything, he will be headed back to jail. Youngboy is slated to go back to court in November for his arraignment in California.

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