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Okay #Roommates, students are showing up and showing out this year as so many black teens have gotten accepted into several universities! One boy in particular, 17-year-old #DylanChidick from #NewJersey, has an inspiring story on what led him to get accepted into 17 universities.
According to @goodmorningamerica when Dylan was seven years old he and his family moved from Trinidad to the U.S. where he eventually became a U.S. citizen a few years later. In 2017, things did not seem to be looking too good for Dylan and his family as he, his mom, and two younger brothers became homeless and they had to move into a shelter. Thankfully, a New Jersey-based organization called #WomenRising helped put the family into housing.
Dylan is currently a senior at Henry Snyder High School in New Jersey. He told @goodmorningamerica that living in housing did get in the way of his schoolwork and his grades began to suffer because of it. Not letting that determine his future, Dylan instead became motivated by his struggle. He was determined to be the first in his family to go to college. He was able to open up to his school and let his classmates and teachers know what he was going through and thankfully got the support he needed. He said it made it easier for him to handle his difficult times.
Dylan enrolled in AP courses, excelled in extracurricular activities, started making straight A’s and became an honor student. He is also a student body president and vice president for the National Honor Society, a Jersey City youth ambassador for social services, a student ambassador at his school, where he helps freshmen students, and a city-wide student council member. He is also currently doing an internship part-time assisting a real estate agent.
Some of the colleges he got accepted into include Quinnipiac University, the University of New England, Caldwell University, Rowan University, the University of New Haven and Siena College. His first-choice school is the College of New Jersey, but he has not heard back from them yet.
He told @goodmorningamerica his goals include achieving a law degree and having a career in politics. He will be graduating high school in June.
Congrats Dylan!
Source: Good Morning America