Imagine your school sending consent forms to your parents to ask for their permission to #TapDatAzzzzz if you’re wildin’ in the class room—and they actually sign and agree to it!?

Welp, a Georgia school, like many others in at least 19 states, has acquired this system to where students can be disciplined by being spanked with a 24 inch wooden paddle—with the permission of the parents.  Georgia School for Innovations and the Classics reportedly already has a lot of parents who have agreed to this.

WRDW obtained a parental consent for the new policy which says that students will be taken “behind closed doors” and will then have to put their hands on their knees and proceed to “be struck on the buttocks with a paddle”. An adult witness is said to be present during this moment however, read more at

The students reportedly have a three-strike rule before the staff will resort to the paddling. In case you’re wondering, this system is perfectly legal in Georgia given the consent of the parent.


“A parent can either give consent for us to use that as a disciplinary measure or they can deny consent,” Jody Boulineau, superintendent of the Hephzibah, Georgia-based school, told WRDW. “There’s no obligation. It’s not required.”



He added that the school received an uneven response from parents. “I’ve heard, ‘Great, it’s about time. We’re so glad that this is happening again, they should’ve never taken it out of schools.’ All the way to ‘Oh my goodness I can’t believe you are doing that’,” said Boulineau.