Roommates, the NYPD is under fire, as hundreds of people gathered throughout downtown Brooklyn, accusing the police force of racism. Just last week, a video surfaced of 19-year-old Adrian Napier with is hands up, as police on the platform pointed their guns at him through the window of a train car after he jumped the turnstiles.

According to NBC New York, the peaceful protests started near the Barclays Center, and people flooded the train stations chanting “How do you spell racist, N-Y-P-D!”, and jumping the turnstiles. Videos show people helping one another through emergency exit doors, and over the turnstiles, all while holding protest signs.

The protest continued in the streets, where folks demanded justice be served after a video emerged on social media showing police officers brawling with teenagers inside city subway stations.

The video shows police storming the train car after Adrian Napier, who they say they believed he was armed. Napier was later charged with theft a services for jumping the turnstile–a misdemeanor that got many in the community upset enough shut down Flatbush Avenue. The incident is now under review by the department.

People participating in the march told NBS they are against the over-policing of the subway system. That is, having officers in at every turnstile, in every station, and handing out tickets to those who are unable to pay the fair.

They say the New York Police Department has been abusing its power and officers are harassing commuters.

In a statement regarding the protests, the NYPD said it “does not interfere with Constitutionally-protected activities, and works to ensure public safety as New Yorkers exercise their First Amendment rights.”

Police told NBC New York one person was arrested during the protests for spitting on an officer. Another man reportedly stopped in front of a police car, and was almost handcuffed but was not taken into custody.