Roommates, we know it hasn’t been easy sitting inside all day, and while you might be tempted to go out and gather with your people, you might want to just sit tight!

In a now viral video, a young man from Newark, NJ was seen getting super lit with his neighbors outside, despite the state being under quarantine, and practicing social distancing.

In the video, you can see everybody living it up, laughing, and having a great time. Police are also seen in the video asking folks to return to their homes, which they refused to do.

Everything seemed like fun and games as the video began to circulate on the ‘gram, but Mayor Was J Baraka caught up with this man, who is now issuing a public apology to his city. He also urges people to take the coronavirus seriously, and warns against “doing it for the ‘gram.”

In an Instagram post, Mayor Baraka emphasizes the importance of the apology, and asks the community to stop “downplaying” the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is irresponsible for us to keep downplaying this as we watch now our community become victimized by this,” he says. “Maybe not you but your grandparents and those who are vulnerable…it doesn’t matter what other diseases did this one is harming us too.”

The state of NJ is currently following quarantine protocol, including an 8pm curfew for all residents.