Nick Gordon Reportedly Under Investigation For Attempted Murder, Shows Up On Dr. Phil's Set High And Drunk And Gets Into Two Altercations!! Video Inside!!

Nick Gordon Reportedly Under Investigation For Attempted Murder, Shows Up On Dr. Phil’s Set High And Drunk And Gets Into Two Altercations!! Video Inside!!

Nick Gordon is trying everything in order to get the public to see him as the victim in the circumstances surrounding his girlfriend, Bobbi Kristina, being found faced down in a bathtub a month ago. He has gone on a twitter campaign to publicly bash Bobby Brown and the rest of his family for not allowing him to see Bobbi, even though the Brown family strongly denies that. Well since his twitter rants haven’t gotten the attention that he wanted he turned to Dr. Phil to help.

According to TMZ, Nick Gordon appeared on the set of Dr. Phil high off of Xanax and drunk and allegedly needed a luggage cart to help him get around because he couldn’t walk (even though the video may show otherwise). When he sat down to talk with Dr. Phil, he reportedly broke down and talked about how he missed Bobbi and Whitney greatly but said “I hate Bobby Brown” when discussing his relationship with the other side of Bobbi’s family.

Outraged by his appearance on the show, Leolah Brown, Bobbi Kristina’s aunt, took to Facebook to share her disgust of Nick Gordon and why Dr. Phil should not have allowed him on the show. She alleged that Gordon is in deed under investigation for attempted murder in the case of Bobbi Kristina:

Dr. Phil, with all due respect, Nick Gordon is under investigation for the attempted murder of my niece Bobby Kristina Brown. We have strong evidence of foul play. Until this investigation is completed by law enforcement, I would ask that you or anyone else not provide this individual a platform to spin this situation to his benefit. If Nick Gordon does not have the courage to speak with my brother Bobby Brown and/or law enforcement about what happened the day my niece’s body was found in a bathtub, he does not deserve to have a platform to speak to anyone of your caliber until this investigation is concluded.

Nick Gordon, on the other hand, states that his lawyer has advised him against discussing matters of the case and says that is the reason why he has not spoken up about it. 

Accompanied by his mother, who says if Nick doesn’t get help he would die, Nick realized that his appearance on the show wasn’t only just to talk about his feelings surrounding the Bobbi Kristina case but was also an intervention staged by his mother and Dr. Phil to get him into rehab. Upon learning this, it is reported that he walked off set and got into a physical altercation with two of Dr. Phil’s staff.

After it all, Nick reportedly did check himself into rehab. The show will air on March 11th.

What do you think, was this all a publicity stunt to get the public to sympathize with Nick and to get police off his back with his attempted murder case or is he truly a grieving boyfriend who has nowhere else to turn to? Check out the trailer to the upcoming show and let’s chat below.



Nick Gordon High & Drunk During Dr. Phil Interview: I HATE Bobby Brown! [VIDEO]



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