Before many could digest the verdict and sentencing in the Amber Guyger trial, another devastating blow was dealt when one of the key witnesses who testified against her, Joshua Brown, was sadly found murdered just days later.

As we previously reported, Joshua Brown was found lying on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds mere days following his testimony against Amber Guyger in her murder trial that ultimately resulted in her being convicted and sentenced to 10 years. While many were highly critical of what they felt was too light of a sentence for her crime, the focus quickly shifted when news of Brown’s death began to circulate.

Many celebrities have voiced their heartbreak and outrage at the young father’s passing—and rapper Nicki Minaj is one of the latest. She recently took to social media to express her feelings about Brown’s death and the compassion that Guyger received following her sentencing.

Nicki tweeted:

“I wonder of they were hugging on him when he got off that stand the way they were all boo hoo cryin, hugging on a murderer. Talk about a slap in the face. Go hug on his fatherless child now. He should’ve let ya’ll suffer & minded his business. This is heartbreaking. RIP”

Meanwhile, there has been movement in Brown’s case, as Dallas authorities have announced three suspects in the case, Jacquerious Mitchell, 20, Michael Mitchell, 32 and Thaddeous Green, 22. Reportedly, one of the men has already been arrested.

As for the motive, police are claiming it was a drug deal gone wrong due to investigation which prompted evidence that Brown was attempting to buy marijuana when he was murdered.

We want to continue to keep Joshua Brown’s loved ones in our prayers.


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