Niecy Nash Warns Man Who Insulted Daughter Dia Nash's Face

Niecy Nash Claps Back At Man Who Insulted Daughter Dia Nash’s Facial Features

Niecy Nash warned an unnamed man about her “full momma mode” after her daughter received some backhanded comments. In a voice message, the man picked apart Dia Nash‘s facial features — focusing on the size of her eyes and lips.

Dia shared the audio message from the man on social media, declaring she was done with dating. The 24-year-old began her TikTok recap by saying she’s going to “leave dating to the strong women out there.”  Then, she played the message.

“With your big eyes, big lips looking a**,” the man said between chuckles. “Courage the Cowardly Dog character looking a**. But I think you cute, so imma f**k with you.”

After his voice message was over, Dia again said she wasn’t “strong enough” for the dating scene.

“And that was him being nice. I look like a cartoon mutt but I’m cute so he gon’ f**k with me forreal though. I don’t think I am strong enough. So, I’m gonna leave it to y’all. Y’all got it,” Dia said.

See the voice message below.

Niecy Nash Steps Into The Shade Room To Defend Her Daughter

After The Shade Room reposted Dia Nash’s TikTok video, Niecy Nash hopped into the comment section with a lil’ something to add to the conversation.

“This is my child. Dia Nash. This backhanded statement will have me in full momma mode. I don’t play about mine, and boy, if you trying to be funny — you’re not! @dialarennash people who are really for you won’t do this,” Niecy Nash wrote.

As of Tuesday, her response to her daughter’s post on TSR has over 700 comments and more than 44,000 likes. Some comments agreed with Neicy, saying the man’s approach wasn’t it.

Instagram user @mama_of_superheroes wrote, “We see you, mama Nash standing behind yo baby! Y’all have beautiful, unique features some people just weren’t raised right, unfortunately.” 

@slimsassyclassy wrote, “EXACTLY!! She definitely dodged an immature bullet.” 

@dlynn2222 wrote, “I thought she was your baby wow tell her she’s beautiful he probably looks like a clown. Wow, men these days are different.” 

Meanwhile, multiple Instagram users in the comment section used the word “negging” to describe the man’s approach.

Women’s Health describes the term as “someone [showing] their supposed interest in you by putting you down.” Experts the outlet spoke to add that the “flirtation” approach is actually verbal emotional abuse disguised.

According to NYC-based sex therapist Jesse Kahn, negging involves lowering someone else’s self-esteem.

“The idea is that by insulting the person you’re ‘flirting’ with you’ll make them desperate to change your opinion of them and win your approval,” Kahn told the outlet.

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