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Nina Marie Admits To Sleeping With Ryan Henry & Alleges Anthony Lindsey Was Abusive–Anthony Disputes Claims (Videos)

Roomies, gather ’round and let me pour this tea, OH-KAY! You may want to bring two cups because ooohhhwwweee! Just when we thought that Ryan Henry confirming he slept with his cancer-stricken best friend’s baby mother was the end of the drama, the woman herself, Nina, has spoken and had quite a bit to say. Alleging domestic violence claims, the tea was scorching.

On Sunday, Nina took to Instagram and expressed that Anthony was allegedly abusive and wasn’t a good person, while also accepting responsibility for the entanglement she had with Ryan Henry.

In an almost 10-minute Instagram Live video, she stated,

“Just so you guys can see who you’re lifting up and who you are defending so hard in this situation… This person is not the best person in the world. He’s not so innocent out there. I wanted to make that very clear.”

Nina added,

“I want to take accountability for what I’ve done. In no way, shape, or form was it right. Um, I don’t feel as though it is something that I should have done. I was selfish;  I wasn’t thinking. I didn’t really care about anyone’s feelings at that point and that’s terrible. It was a selfish decision on my part.”

Just before going live, she also posted photos alleging abuse at the hands of Anthony,

“I decided in the beginning of this year that I was going to touch on some experiences I’ve gone through in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month, but with everything else that has transpired it has overshadowed my true intentions in shedding light on the things that have happened in the past 6 years involving Anthony and I,” Nina expressed. “This was me on two different occasions. The first photos are from when I was nearly 5 months pregnant with our son Caydenn, and the last few photos are from this past March. With it being October and Domestic Violence Awareness month I wanted to tell my story of abuse and what I’ve been doing to try and heal from it.”

Anthony Lindsey refuted the claims on Instagram Live, and in part stated Nina was abusive and the police asked him if he wanted to press charges, as it relates to the incident in question.

Anthony stated,”She didn’t have bruises on her face. If you read the police report, I’m driving the car and she takes the bag, hits me in the face with the bag. I’m driving we’re in traffic. She going crazy and s-t with a sundress on. I’m driving holding her chest with my hand like that.”

He continues to go on to say that he hasn’t said anything bad about Nina or Ryan. Anthony also stated that he didn’t know why she posted those photos and alleged the photos were from 5 years ago.

On Saturday, Ryan Henry gave his spill of what went down and stated,”

“I hurt people that I care about badly,” Ryan said during the live. “I disrespected myself and my family.” He also said that he made toxic choices when he was in a dark place when it happened but he did say that he apologized to his best friend Anthony about the incident.

He added that his plan of action is to repair the situation with those involved including his own child’s mother, Rachel. Mind you, Ryan is also the Godfather to Anthony and Nina’s child.

“I hurt a lot of people and I embarrassed a lot of people,” Ryan said. “We’re dealing with the consequences of my actions.”

Chile, what is going on?



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