NLE Choppa Reacts After His Co-Parent & Blueface Tussle Online

NLE Choppa Steps In After Blueface And Marissa Da’Nae Exchange Heated Words 

NLE Choppa recently got pulled into a verbal tussle between his child’s mother and Blueface.

On Sunday (Dec. 10), Blueface and Marissa Da’Nae exchanged words on X (formerly Twitter). Each of them had a different story about how the California rapper got Marissa’s number. Then on Monday, Blueface claimed Choppa had been calling him “all day about his baby momma.” Choppa and Marissa share a son named ChoZen.

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NLE quoted Bllueface’s post letting him know he won’t be bullied and isn’t here for Blueface airing private conversations.

“Keep bullying women, that ain’t gone work here n stop snitching that ain’t very SY of you,” NLE Choppa wrote.

Peep NLE Choppa responding to Blueface below.

Blueface followed up by claiming NLE Choppa claimed he had no “rizz” — generation X slang for swag.

“He hopped on that no rizz train till he seen I had that number now I’m his shotta flow remix friend. Don’t call me about no b***h boy,” Blueface posted.

Mother of NLE Choppa’s Child And Blueface Go At It On X

As mentioned, Blueface calling out NLE Choppa happened after Marissa accused Blueface of trying to flirt with her.

As a result, Blueface went into a receipt-posting rant. He shared a photo of her partially blurred phone number and alleged Marissa sent a friend to give him her number. Meanwhile, Da’Nae said Blueface didn’t back down from pressing her out even after she mentioned having a child with Choppa.

As of Monday, Blueface seemingly deleted his tweets aimed at Marissa — several of which “welcomed” her to his circus. Her tweets are still available. She accuses Blueface of going through a shared phone plan he has with Chrisean to get her number — context provided by Chrisean.

Marissa went on to call Blueface “weird” and “a liar.”

“Goofy n***a behavior. A f**kin liar. It’s very much possible to get anybody’s number from the phone company’s records. He know wtf he doing. If you believe this n***a, your just as dense & dumb as he is. On my son, on Seven it ain’t happen and never will. This my last time saying anything,” Marissa posted.

Blueface’s online drama with Marissa and Choppa comes on the heels of him alleging he’s not the father of Chrisean Jr. over the weekend. The rapper posted that he snuck a swab of DNA of the baby and felt revealed by the results of non-paternity.

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