On Monday, a school deputy in North Carolina was fired after he was caught on video body-slamming a student. The incident took place at the Vance County Middle School in Henderson, now investigators are trying to determine if they will file criminal charges against the former deputy.

According to ABC News, Vance County, North Carolina, Sheriff Curtis Brame said that the deputy’s termination was “effective immediately.” He continued to say, “When we first saw the video … we were shocked. I don’t expect my deputy or any deputy, or law enforcement in North Carolina to carry out their duties in that way.”

The deputy’s name has not been released. However, in the video, you can see him slam the child not once, but two times into the floor, and then he proceeds to drag the child as he walks out of the camera’s frame.

Sheriff Brame said after viewing the footage, he initially placed the deputy on a paid leave of absence. He then contacted the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation to start a use-of-force probe.

Vance County District Attorney Mike Waters said, “This is just a stunning kind of incident. I don’t see any justification at this point for that officer’s behavior and action.”

The student’s name, which was not released, suffered minor injuries.

District Attorney Waters says he expects to make a decision later this week on whether the now-former deputy will be charged, or if the case will go to a grand jury.


Check out the shocking video below:


Source: https://abcnews.go.com/US/justification-north-carolina-sheriffs-deputy-fired-caught-video/story?id=67754371


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