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NYC West Indian Day Paradegoers Say Police Turn A Blind Eye To Violence

Every year Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, NY is lit with island music and people enjoying themselves as they dance in sexy carnival costumes in celebration of the annual Labor Day Parade.

But every real New Yorker knows that there is also a very violent side to Labor Day weekend each year  and this year was no different as it was reported that four people were shot and two others were stabbed over the weekend. Amongst the victims was New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s lawyer, Carey Gabay, who was shot in the head during the weekend festivies and is now in critical condition.

Ironically, the police force still don’t  feel the need to step up their security for the parade. According to the NY Post, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, says that the violence during the parade is “unfortunate” but there is  “no reason to not go forward with the events.”

He goes on to say, “It’s something that this community wants to have, and it wants to have it in a safe manner. Each year, we try to make them safer, and each year the community works even more closely with us to that end.”

Too bad others are saying something totally different. A retired NYPD cop said to the NY Post, “No one in their right mind wants to do that detail. It’s the worst event of the year, in terms of violence, and it goes on for days.”

Some parade goers are saying that the police purposely turn a blindeye to the illegal activity that goes on during the parade. 

“I’m allowed to drink and smoke,” said Nevin Budhu, 21. “The cops see us and they don’t say anything . . . They are giving us a break because this is the one time we get to enjoy ourselves in public. ”

Welp, word on the street is that that’s not the real reason behind why police are hands off during the parade. NY Post says that an NYPD source told them that supervisors “forbid us from making arrests, no matter what we saw, because they didn’t want riots.”

Say whet!??? 

The cop goes on to say, “They’ve always downplayed the violence by saying shootings weren’t parade-related, unless someone was shot on the route, on a float. Then one year, someone was shot off a float.”

What’s even crazier is that alcohol is routinely taken away from paradegoers at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade but we guess police didn’t get the same memo for the Labor Day Parade!

“In my 36 years with the department, that’s the only parade where I was told to look the other way,” Detective Union Chief Michael Palladino said. “The political theme of decriminalization started at that parade decades ago.”

That’s just a dam shame! Do you think that the parade should be cancelled if police officers continue to treat the parade this way? Let’s chat below! 


Sources Sited: NY Post

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