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Officer Indicted On 6 Murder Counts In LaQuan McDonald Case

Officer Indicted On 6 Murder Counts In LaQuan McDonald Case, Plus, Emails Point To Chicago Mayor Knowing More About The Case Than Originally Believed
Officer Jason Van Dyke has formally been indicted on six counts of first-degree murder and one count of official misconduct for the murder of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. The indictment marks the first time a Chicago police officer has been charged with first-degree murder for an on-duty fatality in nearly 35 years, The Chicago Tribune reports. While this is certainly good news for the McDonald family, there is still some funny business surrounding Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s involvement in the case. 
NBC Chicago submitted what is called a Freedom of Information Act request,  in order to obtain emails proving that Mayor Rahm Emanuel may have known more about the Laquan McDonald case than he is leading everyone to believe. The mayor’s chief of staff, deputy chief of staff and top press aides were included in email chains that included video footage starting in December 2014, so how is it that he’s claiming to have recently seen the video of the shooting for the first time?
In a speech he gave during his re-election campaign earlier this year, Emanuel pledged to hire 350 new police officers and announced plans to begin implementing the use of body cameras. His reason for this was that, “Too many of our kids are growing up with a sense where violence becomes a norm.” Later that same day, deputy corporation counsel Thomas Platt sent his superior, Steve Patton an email with a heading: Fatal Shooting on video, 4000 South Pulaski. Patton then sent an email to Mayor Emanuel’s Chief of Staff Lisa Schrader and Deputy Chief of Staff Janey Rountree with the heading: Attorney Client Privileged and Confidential. 
Now keep in mind that Mayor Emanuel has been inconsistent with what he knew about the dash cam footage of the shooting. When he was asked who first told him about the video last week on Chicago Tonight, he said, “I don’t know who briefed me first about the video. The first person that kind of gave me the description of it was Corporation Counsel Steve Patton,” which is interesting because that’s who introduced the video to his Chief of Staff. Check this out, though. The very next day, this man was asked the same question as well as when he heard of the shooting for the first time and he replied, “Probably read it in the paper. Uhm and some of the staff, uhm could have informed me.” The mayor continued, saying that he only learned of the details about the video once a $5-million settlement agreement was reached with the McDonald family. He then claims that that’s when Patton spilled the beans. 
You ain’t gotta lie, Craig! There is definitely something fishy going on in Chicago. Spike Lee was one of the only celebrities to vocalize his suspicions with Mayor Emanuel and Chicago Police. Thankfully, the Department of Justice is investigating police practices in Chicago, so hopefully there will be peace in the Middle West. 

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