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Ohio Man Reportedly Passes Away After Firework Hit Him In The Chest

Roommates, we are praying for the friends and family of an Ohio man, who was tragically killed in a firework accident this week.


According to Fox News, 61-year-old Floyd Temple had been setting off fireworks for children in his neighborhood when a firework struck him in the chest. Unfortunately, the children were there to witness his passing.


“He tried to fire off a rock that goes up into the sky and it backfired and took his chest off,” said Benjamin Avalos, a friend of Floyd.


Neighbors and witnesses say a man tried to save Floyd immediately after the incident, but his attempts were unsuccessful.


“It went off and his chest exploded, and the kids ran over to my house and told me about it. That’s when police showed up,” one of Floyd’s neighbors says. “They’re probably traumatized right now. They were sitting right there on the stairs when it happened. One of my kids was sitting right there on those stairs.”


Neighbors describe Floyd as a “good” man, who was liked by everyone in the neighborhood. They say he loved to set off a firework display for the neighborhood every year.


“He’s a really nice guy, nice guy,” Avalos says. “He’s my brother bro. I really love him with all of my heart.”


Police say Floyd died instantly, and say the accident was very preventable. Authorities are now on high alert for folks setting off fireworks in Ohio, as it is illegal in the state.


“Our biggest concern is the safety of the residents in Toledo,” a spokesman for the Toledo Police Department says.


We encourage all of our Roommates to have an enjoyable time this 4th of July! We also want everybody to take precautions and stay as safe as possible.


Please keep fireworks away from small children, and be as cautious as possible when setting them off in your neighborhood!


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