Online fashion and beauty store ASOS is catching some heat across the Internet for using a black model as a prop for white foundation.

‘Fit Me’ foundation by Maybelline is mostly available for lighter skin tones, and barely has a range of shades for black people.

If you’re a makeup lover, this specific collections lack of shades isn’t news to you, however, ASOS took it upon themselves to showcase the various ranges of the ‘lighter’ foundation tone’s using a black models arm as a way to see the real difference in the range of colors.

Twitter user Sharan Dhaliwal noticed this while browsing the ASOS website and she was not here for the ad! Amid her frustration, she sarcastically tweeted, “hey! Black ppl! u don’t need to wear this foundation, but we will use u as a measure of others lightness!” Oop!

Her tweet has since gone viral and the Twitter nation is a in frenzy! ASOS definitely knew it was time for damage control and put out an apology stating, “Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’re looking into getting this imagery removed ASAP. Apologies for any offence caused.”

Twitter users voiced their frustration with this representation of the foundation, in tweets like, “lol, acting like they accidentally used a wrong image instead of set up a photoshoot using dark skin as a literal prop.”

As well as, “How did they get this through presumably the many layers of highly paid digital marketers & sales folk.” Oop!

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