#Roommates, get into this wild story! Parents are pissed at a Florida elementary school teacher for using racist language and playing a “slave game” in the classroom, according to NY Daily News. 

“She said the N-word. She also stated that she wanted to have a black baby but didn’t feel comfortable bringing one home because of how her parents would feel about the situation,” parent Maurisha McCants said of the Dinsmore Elementary School teacher.

Three other parents complained as well. 

“They played a slave game in class,” added another mother, who wished to remain anonymous. “They were trying to tell me it had something to do with a bucket and a rock.”

What’s interesting about this is that the parents claim they brought it to the principal’s attention two months ago, but haven’t heard anything back about it since then. The parents said that the teacher, who’s white, is punishing their kids because they told on her.

“It’s like they’re pushing it under the rug,” McCants told the station. “She’s bringing her personal preferences into the classroom. If you’re a teacher, you’re supposed to be teaching and that’s it.”

Duval County Public Schools spokesperson Laureen Ricks told Action Jax no one has accused the teacher of directing the inappropriate language toward specific students.

“Because this is actively being reviewed, we are unable to discuss more at this time,” Ricks said. “The school immediately reported this to both the District Office of Professional Standards and the Department of Children and Families as soon as they became aware of the allegations.”