Sean Williams, a 27-year-old man from Pennsylvania, just filed an excessive force lawsuit against the Lancaster Police Department. In a viral video, he was filmed being tasered by an officer while sitting on a curb.

In the suit, Williams’ attorneys claim he was racially profiled by police when he was shot with the Taser gun on his back, and “has suffered and continues to suffer severe head, neck, shoulder and head pain” as well as “crippling anxiety” and “substantial shame, embarrassment, mental and physical suffering.” ABC reports he is seeking more than $75,000.

Williams says he was simply following the cops’ instructions, according to the lawsuit. However, the police report said Officer Philip Bernot used the Taser because Williams “failed to follow instructions.” If you watch the clip, the officers were giving him contradictory directions like “legs out” and “straight out,” then “put your legs straight out and cross them now.”

Even as Williams tried to follow each direction, the officer shot the Taser.

You can watch the he incident, which took place on June 28, here.


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