People On Social Media Gift Woman With Money After She Tweets She's Overcoming Homelessness With A New Apartment

People On Social Media Gift Woman With Money After She Tweets She’s Overcoming Homelessness With A New Apartment

Earlier this month, a woman on social media shared that she was in her new apartment but didn’t have any linen. Nevertheless, she was still happy because she was overcoming homelessness.

She took to Twitter and wrote, “Can’t believe I’ll be sleeping in my own apartment tonight.” She then continued to say, “My homeless journey is almost over. I don’t have a blanket or anything but idc cuz we in that b***h regardless.”


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Once the tweet started to go around, people on social media asked for her information to send money and gift cards to help buy blankets and whatever else she may need for her apartment.

One person tweeted and asked, “You have CashApp? Definitely down to donate to the bedding fund congratulations boo”

Another person added, “Shoot me your email so I can shoot you some gift cards to get your spot feeling like home! Proud of you girl!”

Asking if she wants anything on Amazon, another person tweeted, “Anything on Amazon you want? make a registry and people can buy it and it’ll be shipped to your house. I don’t mind to help please let me know.”

“Congrats Sent u a few bucks. Get a little blanket,” another tweet read.

Sis replied with her CashApp and asking for info about an Amazon wishlist. People also shared screenshots of the gifts they sent.

Someone else summed up the thread perfectly, acknowledging that there’s still good people in the world. The tweet reads, “Nah because this why I love people sometimes! This comment section full of nothing but givers and good people!!!”

Just wholesome!

Roomies, what do you think of this act of kindness?


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