WELP! Roommates, though we just gave you information on the stimulus checks that will soon be disbursed to Americans all over the country, it seems there’s a new development. Apparently, if you owe child support payments, that check will not be showing up, according to NBC News. Now, I’m sure after reading that there may be a few people on your mind. Pettiness aside, keep reading if you have more questions!

When it comes to disbursement, it seems one of the biggest red flags is owing past due child support. So if y’all thought you were going to pull a fast one on Uncle Sam, better think twice, cause the government isn’t playing about them chirlllllren!

To put that into perspective, if you happen to owe back taxes, student loans or any other debt to the government, you’re still eligible to receive your money, no worries there. However, if you haven’t been taking care of THEM BABIES… you might as well just forget about that check.

The relief bill enacted today will include cash payments (or a check) to help people through this crisis and will be available to U.S. residents with a valid social security number. See below to see how much you’ll be receiving.


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In related news, others have also stepped up in a huge way to help those affected by the outbreak. Our girl Rih, stepped up for the state of New York:

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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94 _____________________________________ As many cities across the country continue to work on preventing the spread of the coronavirus, many celebrities have been doing their part to help prevent the spread as well. Among those celebrities, #Rihanna has been adamant about helping to fight the virus. _____________________________________ New York Governor #AndrewCuomo has been taking to social media for constant updates, and during one update he thanked a list of people and organizations for their contribution to helping New Yorkers stay safe. One of those people was Rihanna and her foundation. He thanked them for donating personal protective equipment to New York State. _____________________________________ He said, "I want to thank Rihanna and the Rihanna Foundation for donating Personal Protective Equipment to New York State. We're so appreciative of your help and that of—read more at TheShadeRoom.com

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Meanwhile, parts of Mississippi are also making sure that they’re taking care of the children in their community.

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TSR Staff: La'Janeé @_lajanee_ _________________________________ #TSRPositiveImages: Schools may be out because of the viral pandemic, but that doesn’t mean students are not being cared for. _________________________________ The Moss Point School District in Moss Point, MS has taken it upon themselves to ensure that 1,600 kids not only receive their school work but are still being fed breakfast and lunch. _________________________________ Bus drivers travel down the road, blowing their horns to alert the students they are on their street. They have created designated bus stops for kids to receive their food.  _________________________________ According to the school district’s—read more at theshaderoom.com❤️🙏🏾 (SWIPE) 📹:(@nicolesnuggets08)

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During this time, we encourage everyone to show kindness and spread love.