Pinky Cole Talks Being A 'Maury' Producer To Slutty Vegan CEO

Secret Sauce! Pinky Cole Shares How She Went From ‘Maury’ Producer To Serial Entrepreneur | NEVER STOP

For years, Pinky Cole has been showing social media users how to excel in the game of serial entrepreneurism. Her restaurant franchise, Slutty Vegan, has gone viral numerous times for its delicious eats, and she’s even made headlines as a wife and mother.

Now, Pinky Cole is letting ‘Never Stop’ viewers into her journey from a ‘Maury’ producer to a restauranteur on her grind.

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Pinky Cole Reflects On Her Roots

The episode kicks off with the 36-year-old letting viewers into her upbringing in Baltimore. Additionally, Cole explained the day she was born, her father was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

“So I became a hustler at a young age,” Cole explained.

From there, Cole shared what inspired her to plant her ambitions in entrepreneurship.

“I saw my mother being this woman who was loyal to a company, and then I also saw my father — even though he was physically inside bars — mentally he was so sharp and really gave me the tools that I needed to be great,” she continued.

With “Baltimore grit” and tools from her father, Cole would find herself raking in the cash early.

“So I got that Baltimore grit in me from early on, and I could remember as a kid, I would be throwing parties, I would be selling candy, I was selling frozen cups,” she explained. “So, I always had that hustler in me early, and it allowed me to develop as an entrepreneur over the years. But I attribute that to my upbringing and to the city of Baltimore.”

How Working As A ‘Maury’ Producer Sparked Her First Restaurant

However, before Cole found herself in the restaurant business, she secured a position working as a TV producer on ‘Maury.’ Furthermore, Cole calls the experience her “big break moment.”

“And it was my big break moment because I got to meet people from all around the world who were all going through things,” she explained. “…So many people from around the world [are] dealing with the same issues, and I got to engage with those people in a different kind of way, and it made me realize my problems aren’t that bad.”

From there, Cole launched her first restaurant, Pinky’s Jamaican & American Restaurant. Eventually, she decided to focus exclusively on her restaurant endeavors.

Scroll above to watch as Cole takes viewers on her journey.

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