Chile!! The police reportedly made a second visit to Blac Chyna’s home hours after officers were called because someone falsely claimed Chyna was drunk and endangering her daughter Dream. This time around, they were reportedly there to keep the peace between Chyna and her former makeup artist.

According to TMZ, law enforcement sources revealed that the second visit from authorities was to “diffuse a potentially explosive situation involving Chyna and her former makeup artist.”

Chyna and her makeup artist were cool up until this past weekend when they reportedly had an argument. The makeup artist left Chyna’s home without retrieving her things, and today police reportedly accompanied her as she went to get her eyeliner, mascara, and other products.

The makeup artist was able to go get her things without anything escalating.

As we previously reported, an anonymous caller told police that Chyna was drunk and endangering her daughter Dream Kardashian. Police arrived to learn that Chyna wasn’t drunk and that everything was fine and a nanny was present for extra support.



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