President Biden and Donald Trump Win Michigan Primaries

President Biden and Donald Trump Both Win Big In Michigan Primaries

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump won their respective Michigan primaries on Tuesday, leading analysts to predict an inevitable November face-off.

The Associated Press reports Biden is speeding toward the Democratic nomination for a second time. Additionally, Trump and his charges are gliding towards securing the GOP nomination.

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A campaign organized by “uncommitted” voters who expressed dissatisfaction with Biden’s role in the Israel-Hamas war didn’t slow Joe’s momentum.

However, the movement is quickly picking up steam and has surpassed the 10,000-vote margin — a goal set by organizers. The number was significant to protesters because of Trump’s Michigan win in 2016 by this gap.

President Biden And Trump Rolling in the Wins

The two controversial politicians managed to gain support in an area with the largest Arab American population in the nation. Michigan comprises 310,000 citizens of Middle Eastern or North African ancestry. In addition, roughly 110,000 residents of Detroit’s Dearborn suburb claim Arab ancestry.

Trump continues to rack up wins from state to state. The 77-year-old has won the first five Republican primary elections, although U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley showed promise in previous contests.

The former South Carolina governor garnered the most support in college towns like the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor.

Haley’s support continued in the ‘burbs around Grand Rapids and Detroit. Trump hasn’t faired well within these demographics, performing low with suburban voters and college graduates. Moreover, the coup-denier faces trouble within his own party which believes Trump broke the law.

“Uncommitted” Voters Are Coming For Joe

The significant number of “uncommitted” voters in Democratic states may hurt the leader of the free world. President Biden can’t risk losing these regions come November.

The grassroots effort sparked a few short weeks ago to encourage voters to select “uncommitted” as a form of protest to the ever-climbing death toll in the Israel-Hamas war. A reported 30,000 people have perished in Gaza. Palestine health officials report two-thirds were women and children.

The “uncommitted” voter effort has been backed by notable officials, including Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib, the first Palestinian American woman elected to Congress. The “uncommitted” voters appear stagnant remaining around 15% which is needed to qualify for delegates. Analysts state it’s too early to predict if the campaign will accumulate local delegates.

Despite their robust action, President Biden has yet to acknowledge their campaign efforts. Instead, the 81-year-old has focused his attention on Trump and his threat “to drag us even further into the past as he pursues revenge and retribution.”

“This fight for our freedoms, for working families, and for Democracy is going to take all of us coming together,” Biden stated. “I know that we will.”

Will VP Kamala Harris phone Joe come November and say, “We did it Joe” one more time? Not if charged up Trump has anything to say about it.

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