Puma Curry Responds Amid Critiques Over ‘Tight Pants’ Photos With Erykah Badu: ‘I’m An Adult’

Puma Curry, 18, is letting it be known she’s an adult after people online heavily critiqued a recent Insta-post. On Sunday (Jan. 22), Curry posted photos featuring her mother and global star, Erykah Badu.

Two of the three images showed Puma and Erykah posing side-by-side with their buns as the focal point of the shots. Erykah was dressed in a white cropped tee and fitted red pants. Puma mirrored the look with a cropped tee and tight pants, minus the colors. Instead, the 18-year-old opted for an all-black fit. Her caption held no words, just an expressionless emoticon.

Over 93,000 likes later, Puma took to her account with another post. This time she addressed the online backlash after the photos–mostly directed at Badu.

Curry wrote:

“I posted a pic (not my mom)of me and my mama Badu in some cute, form-fitting pants. I’m an adult. What’s the real issues? Let’s discuss.”

Mama Badu seemingly supported her daughter’s slight clapback by liking the post and commenting, “well…” 

Curry celebrated her 18th birthday on July 5. She is Badu’s second child of three.

Since celebrating her transition into legal adulthood, Puma has seemingly shared content on Instagram with slightly more body exposure, from swimsuit shots to peeping cleavage.

However, Erykah seems unphased by the posts and often appears in the comment sections. And as Curry already made crystal clear–she’s an adult.

Here’s some of the online chatter, ranging from support for the duo to calls of inappropriateness:

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