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Queen Naija Shows Off Her New Body After Getting A Tummy Tuck & Butt Lift!

#Roommates, Queen Naija got a BAWDY now  y’all! Sis is keeping it alllllll the way real on Instagram after she revealed she got a lil’ nip AND tuck recently. Now, we JUST saw her at the Billboard Music Awards looking great, but Queen has opted for a “mommy makeover” after giving birth to her son Legend just a few months ago.


In the instagram post, she points out what she’s gotten done and says she’s just trying to keep it real with her fans. In the post she says she got fat sucked out her side stomach area and placed in her hips. The BIGGEST adjustment is definitely her booty. Sis got it enhanced to say the least! Granted, she is still a little swollen from her surgery, BUT you can definitely see she has some junk in the trunk now.

See her post below:

Queen, who has been pretty transparent about her life is unbothered by any of the criticism people have to say about her new body. Sis definitely stepped right into the Shade Room to address the critics and let them know how she feels about what they have to say to her and her knew look:

Translation, sis is going to live her life the way she wants to live her life, period! I guess once she’s fully recovered we’ll get a better look at her new body but we’re glad she got out of surgery safely and seems to be very happy with her decision.

She also took to Youtube to give further explanation to her fans of the procedures she decided to get and an even more in depth view of what her new body is lookin’ like! To see the full video of her reveal…


Click on the link and tell us what you think Roommates!




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