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Martin Shkreli’s Wu-Tang Album Purchase Now Under Investigation!

As we should all know by now, probably the world’s most hated pharmacist, Martin Shkreli, has been in the headlines a lot lately, pretty much for the same sh*t just different toilet. Last week, Shkreli made news for not only getting arrested on a security fraud case but for also being the lucky person to only have the latest Wu-Tang Clan album, a possession that cost him $2 million!

Well, the Feds are now probably going to look into how he obtained the pricey album seeing how he has been up in this $65 million scandal! According to TMZ, the Wu-Tang album could be seized if there is proof that the money came from fraudulence. Unfortunately for the pharmacist, even if it the money doesn’t tie to the album, if he is convicted, the U.S. Marshals will most likely still take it!

Now heres where it gets sticky. Looking at the circumstances, someone may think they have a second shot at gaining the highly coveted album but sorry, guess again. As a term of the contract, the album is non-transferable for 88 years! In other words its yours, for a lifetime! We don’t know if they have to break the contract though, under these crazy circumstances but we will keep a close eye on the matter!

News also just hit that Martin has been booted as CEO of another drug company, KaloBios Pharmaceuticals! Ouch, looks like this year will not be ending well for him…oh well!

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