Last month, rapper #Ralo got arrested on a criminal conspiracy charge after police found a “large amount” of marijuana on him at the airport. Shortly after his arrest, an apartment complex he owned was raided by the FBI, Atlanta Police, and Homeland Security. 

The rapper had allegedly been selling drugs out of the apartment complex, and authorities accused him of pushing $2 million worth of marijuana through Atlanta. He faces a federal charge of possession with intent to distribute, and has been trying to get bond. As of yesterday however, a federal judge denied his petition–again.

Unfortunately, prosecutors presented evidence which allegedly shows that Ralo is still selling drugs from behind bars. 

“I feel like they kind of wrongfully targeted me,” Ralo tells @11Alive. 

Via 11 Alive: 

“A federal affidavit stated that “at [Ralo’s] direction, gang members sell drugs and firearms and engage in other traditional gang activities.”

According to the complaint, the investigation into the rapper dates back to December 2017, when investigators stopped three vans leaving Fulton County Airport. Inside one, investigators said they found 520 pounds of marijuana, worth about $1 million on the street.”

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