Ray J and Princess Love Talk Sex, Change, And More With The Breakfast Club!!

Ray J and Princess Love Talk Sex, Change, And More With The Breakfast Club!!

The once self proclaimed “Turnup King” in this season’s Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s “Creep Squad” aka Ray J is ready to show the world that he’s a changed man! The singer sat down with Power 1051’s Breakfast Club along with his fiancee, Princess Love, to talk about his transition.

As soon as the interview with Ray J kicked off, of course Charlemagne had to bring up the reality star’s past as he aired a clip of Ray J ranting towards rapper Fabolous. Even though we know Charlemagne to be all shade, he did give props to Ray saying that that first interview with Ray J made ‘The Breakfast Club’ what it is today! Ray response was simply, “That was the old me,” sticking real close to his “changed man script.”

Through it all, one thing has remained the same for Ray and thats his love for his lady. On the subject of Princess Love going to Drake’s house with Teairra Marie, Princess said, “I mean I feel like she set me up! She was talking to him though, not me. All we did was we were in his kitchen having drinks and that was it.”

When discussing Mayweather and Love’s past, Charlemagne tried to stir the pot once again with Ray by saying,“How are you gonna take your man’s girl?” Welp the “I Hit It First” singer still remained tight lipped on the matter “I don’t want to get into to it…that’s just private, Ray said. “I just don’t get into much he say she say on private matters. Since it’s in a family circle I don’t really go into details.”


Then again when Princess Love revealed that she is down for threesomes and strippers hanging out overnight in Ray’s hotel rooms, its not hard to see why he had to take that risk….she is definitely one of a kind! “As long as nothing is behind my back,” Love says. “I love him and that’s all that matters.”

The Breakfast Club bring up future music and tv-shows going on in Ray J’s world and he has a lot on his plate. He has a show coming on ‘WEtv’ called ‘Drive to Love’ where he plays an Uber driver and a show called ‘Music Moguls’ where Birdman himself is the executive producer. He also just opened up a restaurant in Miami called “TRS Lounge” and that’s only a gist of what he’s getting his hands dirty with. We see you, Ray!

‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Season 2 ‘The Reunion (Part 2)’ airs tonight and Ray wanted to let everyone know that there’s going to be a lot of drama to tune into, but he regrets some of the things that went down. “It’s some crazy stuff that’s gonna happen tonight.” Ray says. “And looking back we can make some adjustments.”

Tune in tonight at 8:00 pm EST to watch the last reunion. You don’t want to miss the tea! Catch the rest of the interview below and lets chat!



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