Ray J Meets With Donald Trump To Discuss Job Creation

Ray J Meets With Donald Trump To Discuss Job Creation

On Tuesday, #RayJ and #DonaldTrump had a meeting at the Mar-a-Lago club.

Discussing business and small business development, Ray J tells @pagesix that he’s “always admired and respected his business acumen.”

Ray J also went on to say, “Our conversation was about job creation, encouraging small business development and how Information Technology plays an important role in the future of our economy.”

Ray J explained their conversation in more detail saying, “We also agree how important an educated workforce is, as well as the critical need of developing of young people. I’m ready to get started now!”

It’s also reported that the two have an upcoming meeting already scheduled.
Ray J’s manager also told People that he was fearing relationships. “He just felt like it was a good time to talk about business and technology and Black empowerment,” David Weintraub stated.

Ray J’s manager also stated, “He is not saying he is going into politics … what he’s doing right now is he’s exploring options and creating relationships.” His manager also stated, “He always wants to prove that he can conquer the next goal, and hopefully that would be to conquer something in the political arena.”
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