Ray J & Princess Love Broke Up Again...And We Know Why! Hint: Another Female! (Pics Inside)

Ray J & Princess Love Broke Up Again…And We Know Why! Hint: Another Female! (Pics Inside)



Ray J and Princess Love have a very rocky relationship to say the least. Yesterday, TMZ released audio of Ray J’s 911 call that he made last month claiming Princess had threatened suicide after they broke up.

The call revealed a few things: Ray J was on his way to shoot a television show at the time that this occurred. Princess Love actually had a gun in her possession. Princess told him, “I’ll see you in Heaven.” Also, Ray J was afraid she might kill him. If this isn’t a recipe for disaster I don’t know what is. Why would anyone be in a relationship where they fear for their life….even for a day? Crazy much?

Well, we are here to inform you that the couple has split again. This time it’s because Ray J was caught turning up with another chick at a party. You know how we do…YOU KNOW we have a pic to back it up.

Ray J was spotted at Vth Amendment night club last night bumping and grinding on another chick.

When Princess got wind of the pic things got ugly.

The couple even posted their break-up quotes on social media.

See pic below:

That’s Ray J…he’s growing his hair out a little bit…same haircut too.


Princess Love said her peace on Instagram and even deleted all of their photos together.

Ray J didn’t miss an opportunity to speak his mind either.

Ray J, even though we know y’all will get back together….we hope that you two really do part ways. Y’all are like fire and gasoline together! The situation is bound to get ugly!



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