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 Ray Rice Plans To Tell Daughter Of Domestic Abuse Incident, Hopes To Set A Better Example 



We all know and watched it on repeat numerous times of former NFL player, Ray Rice, knocking his then fiancé, (now wife) Janay Rice out cold while they were alone in an elevator at the Revel Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ. 

Even though he’s dropped from his NFL career, he still remains humble and blessed that things didn’t go completely left in his life, because he still has a beautiful daughter to watch grow and his lady by his side. Rice is even open to having “the talk” with his daughter and I’m not talking the birds and the bees!


Rice spoke with  Dan Patrick on ‘The Dan Patrick Show’ on disclosing his wrongful actions when it comes to domestic violence. Even though Rice has gotten a second chance at keeping his high school sweetheart, he still has a lot of growing to do. This is one big step he will eventually have to disclose to his daughter when she’s much older, but what daughter would be ready to discuss something as heavy as this one? Especially hearing it from your father’s own mouth that he got physical with your mother? Well it’s going to happen, according to Rice and it’s going to be an uneasy convo to open up about.


“I have a daughter, and I couldn’t imagine that happening to my daughter,” said Rice. “That’s my lifelong journey for her. To raise her the right way, to make her understand that daddy made the worst decision of my life, and to protect her from that.”


Their daughter, Raven Rice,  is currently 3-years-old. “If we had both been in a cocoon, I think we would’ve been in a deep depression but we were able to shake ourselves out of it, because it essentially became us against the world.” said Rice. When speaking on his daughter after referring to his incident back in February 2014 he says, “She knows nothing and it’s our job to raise her the right way and when it’s time for me to have that, you know, daddy-daughter talk it’s something that I think about day-to-day, everyday of my life. Something could be going wrong, but it’s like, my daughter’s here. She has that ability to take something that can seem so bad for me, but it turns out to be so good. It’s a different feeling. it’s a different love.”


After being out of the NFL for two years, he has high hopes to getting back onto the field , but family is the number one priority in his eyes right now. “I made the worst decision of my life, said Rice. “As much as I’m hoping for an opportunity at a second chance to play in the game, I’m thankful for a second chance at life. You know, I’m not incarcerated and I have a chance to raise my family and be the man that I am capable of being.”



Ray Rice Says He Will Talk To Daughter About Beating Wife, Discusses Depression, And More [Video]




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