#Roommates, I am screaming over this hot juicy tea chile! If you watch the ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ then you already know there’s been certain allegations about Ashley Darby’s husband on the show that leaves some unanswered questions about him, but this tea right here will definitely be a topic of discussion next season. Michael Darby has been “criminally charged with sexual assault for grabbing the butt of a crew member,” according to @TMZ_TV

Michael was feeling a little too free during filming for an episode and allegedly grabbed and groped the butt of a CAMERAMAN.

The victim, Orville Palmer, claims that he turned around Michael had a “flirtatious look” on his face that creeped him out. He told him to stop and then told his boss what happened.

Michael was hit with a felony assault of misdemeanor improper sexual contact charge.

Michael could be looking at 11 years in prison if convicted.

This isn’t his first run-in with incidents like this. Back in season 1 of #RHOP, co-star Gizelle Bryant told Ashley that she saw her husband touching another mans butt.

“I need to ask you ladies, I’m on the dance floor and your husband is squeezing Andrew’s butt,” Gizelle said to Ashley.

“Ya’ll, it’s a joke,” Ashley responded.

“Most men don’t like other men who are not gay squeezing their butts,” Gizelle  said.

“Maybe Robyn [Dixon] and Gizelle should be worried about the men in their lives, or lack their of, and leave Michael and me alone,” Ashley said in her confessional.

“So you’re not disturbed that Michael was groping another man’s butt?” Robyn

“My man has sex with me, he loves me and he gives it to me good,” Ashley responded. “So quite frankly, whatever he does in joking manners is not a reflection of my man’s sexuality. You’re reading into it so far”

Looks like Michael better keep his hands to himself!

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