TikToker Uncovers Cheating After BF Resisted Being Posted

Red Flag! TikToker Uncovers Cheating After Boyfriend Resisted Being Posted Online (WATCH)

A woman recently shared a three-part video in which she detailed how a social media-based red flag led her to end her one-year relationship.

The Man Refused To Be Shown Off

A user going by @itscarlitav on TikTok brought the matter to public attention, and she started off by sharing that the root of the issue was that her boyfriend of one year didn’t want her to post him online.

“My boyfriend told me that I could not post a picture of him. We’ve been together for a year, and he told me that I am not allowed to post a picture of him.”

She added, “He made it clear in the beginning of our relationship that he did not want to post me until we were engaged, but never did he tell me that I am not allowed to post a picture of him.”

“So I’m not allowed to post a picture of my boyfriend that I’ve been with for an entire year. Does anyone know why I wouldn’t be able to do that? He says that he’s private, that he doesn’t need people to know about our relationship…But why else wouldn’t I be able to post a picture of my own boyfriend? Does anyone know? Does anyone have a clue?”

At this point, Carlita tells it like it is and says that she hopes anyone else who may be involved with the man in question becomes aware of his antics.

“I hope this reaches the right audience, and I hope we find her. Or the many of them that could be out there.”

She then proceeds to share a picture of her and the man, whom she identifies as “Derwin.” Additionally, she says that she ultimately decided to leave him, as he was simply acting way too fishy.


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Carlita Details How Her Suspicions Grew

In a follow-up post, Carlita told viewers, “It was very hard to walk away, but I am proud of myself for leaving because I know I deserve better.”

She also detailed some of the specifics to the story, noting that all began after he protested against her soft-launching him 10 months into the relationship.

“It started when I was going to post a picture of the back of his head.”

Carlita then shared that, in a TikTok that showed off her 2022 travels, she included a photo of him with a sticker over his face. However, he took issue with this as well because “people could identify hum through his tattoos.” Carlita also revealed that this was the moment when she began to give the situation the side-eye.

“That hurt me a lot…at that point I started to think that something was going on. That he was cheating on me or that he was in witness protection or I don’t know. No idea.”

Notably, she pointed out that she would’ve been satisfied with simply posting his face on her Instagram Story. In spite of this, though, “He would not let [her] post his face for 24 hours.”

Once his antics carried over to their one-year anniversary, she called it quits for the sake of her own happiness.

“I walked away for myself…I walked away because my happiness wasn’t a priority to him.”


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He Was In A Whole Other Relationship The Whole Time

Finally, in the third part of her story-time upload, she revealed that she discovered that he had allegedly been dating another woman “for two years.”

“He had a girlfriend for two years, allegedly…Our dating paths were very very similar. The things that my ex would tell her, he was telling me the exact same thing.”

She added, “It is very hard to hear that both of us were on this exact same path toward marriage with the same person.”

Additionally, Carlita was sure to point out that, while she’s still “processing” the situation, her “mental health is stable.”

“I actually feel way better than I thought I would.”

The TikToker ended by noting that, while it’s hard, it’s important to put yourself first.

“Walking away was so hard, but you have to do it…Don’t wait to leave. Leave now.”


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What do you think about the overall situation, and how would you have handled it?


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