Reese Witherspoon Responds To Claims She Drank "Dirty" Snow

Reese Witherspoon Responds To Fans Concerned She Consumed “Dirty” Snow In Viral TikTok (Video)

Amid the winter season, Reese Witherspoon has stirred up quite a snowstorm on social media.

On Friday (January 19), the actress shared a now-viral TikTok ingredient in one of her special recipes for a “yummy” Chococinnos drink.

Reese Witherspoon Goes Viral

In the clip, she can be seen hopping outside in what seems to be her backyard before she scoops up snow off an outdoor grill.

“First, we scooped the snow into cups, and we added salted caramel syrup and some chocolate syrup because we like how they taste together,” she shared.

The ‘Home Again’ actress proceeded by adding cold brew into the mixture. “Oh my gosh, that’s so good,” Witherspoon said.

She then began to contemplate what she was going to call the drink before eventually deciding to go with “Snow Salt Chococino.”

Reese Witherspoon Responds

On Saturday (January 20), however, Witherspoon appeared to have come across some not-so-nice comments in response to her video.

She followed up with a post addressing claims that the snow she consumed was dirty.

“There’s so many people on here saying that snow is dirty,” she said. “So, we went and took snow from the backyard, and we microwaved it – and it’s clear. Is this bad? Am I not supposed to eat snow?”

Despite the criticism, Witherspoon made sure to note that her Snow Salt Chococino was “delicious.”

She also seemed less than amused by a user who suggested she filtered the snow before drinking it.

The actress, who is from New Orleans, Louisiana, expressed that she didn’t grow up drinking filtered water, explaining that her family always drank tap water.

“We actually put our mouths on the tap, and then sometimes, like in the summer, when it was hot, we drank out of the hose. Like, we put out mouth on the hose.”

Social Media Reacts

However, Witherspoon’s decision to use this unconventional ingredient left fans and followers with mixed reactions.

Some applauded her for her unique approach to making herself a drink, while others were unsure what to make of her sipping on Chococinno with “dirty” snow swirls.

And then there are those who are just confused about whether they should be disgusted or impressed.

“That’s rich people snow, it’s safe,” one person by the name @Blackcaviaree joked.

Another user, @zoejrich, didn’t seem to understand what all the fuss was about as she praised Witherspoon for her creativity.

“reese witherspoon is so real for this bc girl ur a millionaire why r u scooping up snow (people in comments r saying it cld be dirty, not safe to eat wtvr) to make a beverage. i love it tho lmao slay. this had me cackling tho idk i have a weird sense of humor.”

Others felt that Witherspoon was putting her health at risk by consuming snow, calling it “disgusting.”

“I love Reese, but what the h**l is she doing ? anything what comes from dirty air and she casually take it from the snow and eat it, that’s disgusting.”

Roomies, is the internet overreacting by criticizing Witherspoon’s special drink?


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