Robyn Dixon Faces Heat For Keeping Cheating Drama Off RHOP

Andy Cohen Grills Robyn About Hiding Juan Dixon Cheating Drama From ‘RHOP’— ‘You’re On A Reality Show’

Following Robyn Dixon admitting that Juan Dixon “communicated” with another woman ahead of season 7 of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Andy Cohen is holding her feet to the fire.

Andy Reminds Robyn Dixon About What’s Expected Of Reality Stars

It all went down during the latest episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, which aired right after the RHOP season finale.

During the sit-down, Andy dove right on into the mess. He initially revealed that Robyn’s appearance on WWHL had already been scheduled, as the original plan was to have her dish on her and Juan’s wedding, which was featured at the very end of the RHOP finale.

However, as The Shade Room previously reported, last week’s revelation about how Robyn “was aware of the situation” regarding Juan’s antics swiftly took center stage, as she straight-up hid the matter from viewers and production.

As a result, Andy brought up how Juan was revealed to have been “involved with another woman during COVID,” and he asked about why Robyn chose to “stay silent throughout the whole season.” He also pointed out how cheating was “the hot topic of the season,” giving her further opportunity to bring up the situation.

“You’re on a reality show about your life, and infidelity has been the hot topic of the season, and you’ve played a part in the conversations. So how do you stay silent throughout the whole season?”

Robyn responded by saying that they had simply “dealt with it” by the time filming began. She also announced that she wouldn’t voluntarily bring up her “issues.”

“It was so in the back of my mind. Like, we dealt with it, we moved on from it. I don’t know why I would say, ‘Hey guys, pick me, let’s talk about my issues.'”

Regarding this last point, Andy pointed out, “The expectation is that you’re sharing everything that’s going on with your life.” However, Robyn brushed this off by saying that it simply wasn’t relevant anymore while they were filming season 7.

“It wasn’t an issue at that moment when we were filming…It wasn’t relevant to where we were in that present time.”

Robyn Explains Away The Evidence Against Juan: ‘I Believe Him’

Andy was also sure to address the receipt that shows Juan paying for the woman’s hotel room, and Robyn proceeded to explain the evidence away. Specifically, she said that Juan paid for the woman’s room after she lost her purse while in Maryland “for whatever reason.”

“For whatever reason, she decided that she wanted to fly [from Canada] to Maryland. She had told Juan that she was dating a Baltimore Ravens player. So, she’s telling him she was flying to Maryland, and he’s like, ‘Okay, whatever.’ Somewhere along the way, she gets to Maryland, she’s reaching out to him, and she’s telling him she lost her wallet in the casino and she cannot pay for her hotel room.”

Robyn went on to say that Juan simply paid for the room and nothing else went down.

“So, he feels bad for her. Apparently, she was really stressed out, really distraught. He feels bad for her, he goes to the hotel, puts his card down at the counter or whatever, and that’s it.”

Andy responded by calling out how Robyn’s account “could sound like BS to a lot of people,” and she agreed. However, Robyn is nonetheless standing by her man.

“When I found out about it, it was B.S. to me. But…I believe him.”

You can check out the clip down below.

Viewers React To Robyn’s Story & The Vibes On WWHL

After the WWHL episode aired, viewers swiftly began chiming in. First off, many took note of how pressed Andy appeared to be, with one user pointing out, “This is NOT a regular #WWHL.”

Others began to give Robyn’s story the side-eye.

There was also speculation about whether or not Robyn could be demoted for hiding the matter from viewers.

What do you think about the situation?


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