ROOMMATE TALK : Dear TSR, LHHH Cast Memeber Shanda Denyce Ran Off With My Clothes And Won't Answer My Calls

ROOMMATE TALK : Dear TSR, LHHH Cast Memeber Shanda Denyce Ran Off With My Clothes And Won’t Answer My Calls

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Dear ShadeRoom,

Shanda Denyce took advantage of me being young and I don’t think she would do a more established stylist this way.

I’m a 22 year old wardrobe stylist from the Bay Area. Styling is truly my passion. I take time to reach out to possible clients along with photographers and makeup artists. I spend my own hard earned money on clothes, shoes and purses to build my personal styling collection. I also pull from boutiques and stores as needed.

I reached out to Shanda Denyce a few times, she stood me up for our very first meeting with no cancelation call or text but call me naive, I believe in second chances and she really needs styling. I reached out again this past January, to style her for a photoshoot that we never got a chance to do because she preferred I put green screen looks together for her upcoming filming for Love and Hip Hop Hollywood season 3. I often work for trade , I believe everyone can help eachother. When she asked me if she needed to pay me for this service I told her ” no just give me the opportunity to style you for the entire season as well as the reunion” and she agreed. I was so humbled and grateful to have been given the opportunity to showcase my talent and work on a national platform such as VH1 along with revamping and elevating Shanda Denyce’s image, which is much needed. Little did I know what that test really was nor what the future held.

Shanda Denyce ended up stealing my entire styling collection, all my clothes, purses and shoes. I thought I could trust her to hold on to everything so that on my multiple drives to LA I wouldn’t need to keep carrying clothes back and forth but if I known then what I know now I wouldn’t have left a sock with Shanda Denyce in her home in Santa Clarita.

After I noticed a couple of Shanda’s business deals falling through I hit her up to retrieve them and once her sweet talking bullshit was not working on me anymore she became very condescending and avoiding my texts and calls. Also pretended to be too busy to meet me when I’m driving from Bay Area to retrieve my belongings. Then the last time we had contact she said she would mail it , which was not her first time lying about that but then blocked me. I could not blame exhaustion from that point, Shanda Denyce is wrong.

Then every episode along with her Instagram page I see my shoes, purses and clothes on Shanda Denyce which basically lets me know she intended to steal my style collection while she text something different but it’s clear now that I see my style collection all up and through Love and Hip Hop’s episodes. How can she be mailing my belongings but wearing them during filming at  the same time? 
Not only did she never intend for me to style her this season but also didn’t ever intend for me to style her for the reunion, just intended to steal my purses, clothes and shoes. I learned a valuable lesson though , no more charity cases. Everyones word is not bond and I will change my business for the better.  Shanda Denyce did not respect my time or effort and it shows In her text messages to me once our situation went sour.


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